Monday, December 14, 2009

Turkey dinner

Ummmm! Turkey dinner!
Craig is a traditionalist when it comes to holiday meals, and Thanksgiving is one of them.
Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, and scalloped corn.

His turkey is always moist and tasty. He does stuff the turkey, and makes extra stuffing on the side. Then mixes them together before serving. He then puts the turkey into a roasting pan and seasons the outside with a rub. What ever seasonings you like. Add some water in the bottom, and make a tent out of foil and completely seal the pan. But not touching the skin, this allows the turkey to steam as it cooks, making it extremely moist. Cook at 325. The time depends on the weight. Craig will cook a 13 lb turkey for 6-7 hours. Uncover the turkey the last 30 minutes so it'll brown nicely.
Scalloped corn and home made mashed potatoes finish the meal.
And we always eat too much! It took 2 plate to hold the food!

And there you have it. A delicious turkey dinner!

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